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I always enjoy reading a Poppy Dunne novel, and this one is no exception. There are so many things to appreciate with this book, and Dahlia was one of them. She was the sort of character that as a teen wasn't appreciated for her quirks and felt more order was needed to achieve in life. So she created a whole lot of rules and became a professional dating expert.

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Although rules are meant to be broken, just ask Jack. He is the total opposite with the rules. He is a self made billionaire who lives l I always enjoy reading a Poppy Dunne novel, and this one is no exception. He is a self made billionaire who lives life to the fullest and takes no prisoners. The thing that holds dear to them both is family. Jack maybe flippant with certain things, but when push comes to shove, his family is the most important, which endears Dahlia more.

The first night Dahlia meets Jack, she brakes so many rules. The attraction is undeniable, and they hit it off straight away.

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  • They have great chemistry that brings out her sassiness and his wit, the banter is funny. The beginning seemed a little rushed and forced, but once I got to know these two and their quips, I fell right into the story and got a kick out of it. It is told in dual POV, which I am a big fan of and works extremely well for this breezy schtick. Oct 26, Ginette rated it liked it Shelves: Really enjoyed this one I think she's found her niche in the fantastic way she shapes her characters through their internal monologue. I love getting to know characters through their thoughts sometimes more than their actions and getting to know Dahlia and Jack was a riot.

    If you're looking for a fun, low angst read with plenty of steam and Harry Potter references then I think this is a book you'll want to pick up! Jul 09, Mel rated it really liked it Shelves: Nothing great in life happens without a little risk. Dating the Billionaire has all the fun, flirty, steamy, sweet moments that I have come to expect from Poppy Dunne.

    Dahlia is a professional dating expert. She does a good job at reading people and has made several perfect matches over the past ten years. Dahlia hasn't found "the one" yet much to her dismay, but she is happy to watch her clients find their HEA. Jack is a billionaire who made his own money after graduating from MIT. He's handsome and cocky but you can't help but like him.

    He lives his life the way he wants and doesn't like following rules. He enjoys women and settling down isn't something he thinks about. When he meets Dahlia there is an instant spark and he knows he wants to get to know her better. What happens when one night with Jack is all it takes to throw Dahlia's ironclad rules out the window?

    This book is fun and witty. Dahlia was a hoot and I loved watching as she let go and live a little. She was out of her element yet she still goes with it, and seeing her breaking her own rules was satisfying. Jack wants Dahlia and I love the way he gets her to forget about her rules, even if it's for a short time. He isn't afraid of his feelings, has a huge heart, and would do anything for the people he loves.

    When he loves, he loves big. Jack and Dahlia work well together and bring out the best in one another. Their banter is fun and flirty, and the sexy time is hot. I loved watching their relationship go from a one-night stand to something more. When the conflict comes into play, it isn't too angsty or drawn out but I felt like Dahlia was a bit quick to react.

    In the end, I liked how it played out and thought Dahlia and Jack fit together better with the changes they made in their lives. Jul 11, Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle rated it really liked it. The characters are entertaining and their quick romance is fun and steamy. Jack is an interesting billionaire. While he is good looking and incredibly wealthy tech. He is funny and charming, and there is an immature side of him. He doesn't often think of consequences of his actions because he is looking for have fun, not just for himself but for others, too.

    Dahlia lives a life of rules. It is how she has learned to function in her life, and she rarely, if ever, deviates from the rules. Jack, though, challenges hers, and while she rises to the challenge, she also knows enough about herself to know when she needs to walk. Dating the Billionaire is a story that is not only focused on romance but also showcases the evolution of two characters. It shows how two people in a relationship change and become something better when they find that person who they have that spark with. For more reviews and other book news, check out Musings of the Modern Belle at www.

    Jul 10, Cindy M. Green rated it really liked it. Dating the Billionaire was another enjoyable, endearing, funny read by Poppy Dunne! First off, we have Dahlia, professional dating coach with rules, rules and more rules on the adventures of dating. As much as she tries to get a handle on the situation and reign in her hot, animal attraction to Jack she realizes this is a no-win situation.

    No number of rules can keep her Dating the Billionaire was another enjoyable, endearing, funny read by Poppy Dunne! No number of rules can keep her from wanting to spend time with him. Jack, a hot and sexy, single billionaire has his sights set on Dahlia and will do everything in his power to derail her from following the rules her entire business is based on.

    See a Problem?

    He may be swoon worthy and sexy, but Jack is also a family man which makes him all the more lovable. The wit and humor Poppy incorporates into her characters words is so creative. I love hearing the crazy inner dialogue Dahlia and Jack are having while trying to navigate this new relationship. Who doesn't talk to themselves from time to time to get a handle on where your thoughts and feelings are. This story is hot, clever and well written. If you enjoy sexy, laugh out loud rom-coms you need to check out Poppy Dunne!

    Jun 22, Laura rated it really liked it.

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    And, rules are the same for everyone. That's the whole point of having them. Dahlia believes in rules. They keep her safe, and she has convinced herself that they are necessary. So necessary, in fact, that she has a career that is built on teaching others to follow these same rules, and to not deviate from them.

    So, what happens when Dahlia meets Jack, the epitome of a rule breaker? Well, swan attacks and nights in capes, for starters. And, capes also come in adult sizes. For details, you will just have to read the book. I know you are curious, because, attacking swan. Jack has no rules. Jack has money and when you have as much money as Jack, it isn't that you have no rules, it is that the rules are different when you can buy pretty much anything that you want, towns and islands included. Dahlia and Jack really, on the surface, shouldn't work.

    The only rule he has is that he breaks all of them, a point that comes up over and over in the story. In a lot of ways, Jack isn't totally grown up. He knows he has rules, and that other people have rules, and that his rules are different. But, and this really is the core conflict for Dahlia and Jack as a couple, he doesn't understand that there are some people who like their rules and don't want him to use his money, his name, his anything, to go around them.

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    • In order for Jack and Dahlia to work, he has to understand that just because he can get away with just about anything doesn't mean that he should isn't that adulthood in a nutshell? It's not an easy journey for either of them.


      Flt dating reviews

      I did, sadly, have a small issue with the pacing in this one, a very small issue, but to me the realization for Jack that his rules were not the same, and that not everyone lives in the world of his rules or wants to was a little too quick. I know, this had to happen, and it did need to happen Not a huge issue, and not one that will stop you from loving the book. Poppy Dunne is a wonderful writer. Her stories are fun, and they are funny, and they are fully of a certain whimsy that makes you just enjoy them. There are a lot of Harry Potter references in this one, and I find this to be very fitting.

      The things that her characters think, and say, and do, fit in so well with the Potter world, not just in this book but in her others I recommend this book. Poppy Dunne has become my 'go-to' for a great quirky and fun RomCom. Dating the Billionaire does not disappoint. Dahlia Rossi is a dating a coach and relationship expert read matchmaker. She believes in always following tried and true rules for her clients and herself. Jack Carraway is a super hot and sexy tech-geek billionaire who is impulsive and he never lets rules get in the way of what he wants.

      I kind of wish Poppy Dunne has become my 'go-to' for a great quirky and fun RomCom. Forgive me, Rowling, for I have sinned in my thoughts.

      Dating the Billionaire

      But Jack wants Dahlia to break all the rules and Dahlia would like Jack to think before he leaps into action. It was more like an instantaneous explosion, or an electrical fire that goes crazy and wipes out half a city block. Jul 21, Anna Aurora rated it really liked it Shelves: I expected more sex here..

      Jul 18, Liyana rated it it was ok Shelves: I dont understand the writing, so i skip the chapter until end still dont get it.. A mouthwateringly sexy good time that left me with a big grin and ruined panties! Dating The Billionaire was. The characters are charming and oh so irresistible while the storyline drags you in and leaves you wanting Poppy Dunne excels at writing a fantastic, sexy, smart, heat filled romance that just brings all your fantasies to vivid life.

      I loved how impressed I was with Jack and Dahlia. Their passion crackled with wicked intent and the sex was explosive and out of control H-O-T! Its sexy flirty fun that supercharged with heat! Jul 15, The Grumpy Bookaholic rated it really liked it. Hope we get a book on Pete as well. Are meant to be broken, right? But, what if you wrote the rules and you find yourself breaking every single one of them? Dahlia is a Professional Dating Coach, she prides herself on the advice she gives her clients to finding true love.

      Then there's Jack Carraway, Billionaire Playboy.

      He has his sights set on Dahlia and enjoys a spontaneous lifestyle and a challenge. Dahlia begins breaking her own rules one right after another with the sexy Billionaire. The POV of both characters was refreshing and funny. And personally, I adored the love they had for their families.

      If you're looking for a steamy summer read that is fantastically funny and sexy Enjoy and get ready to break your own rules this summer! Jul 12, Alexandra rated it it was amazing. This is the best Rom-Com I have ever read. Dating the Billionaire is one of the best Rom-Com books I had the pleasure to read.

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