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The truth is, these kids been through enough since the split without having to be introduced to a revolving door of their parents' new "friends. That doesn't mean you shouldn't ask about your date's children. And hey, you must be pretty special to have gotten this far. You don't make it into a divorced or single parent's life unless you complement it in some way. Don't expect them to get back to your text in a matter of seconds. They're probably dealing with some crazy, overwrought mall temper tantrum as you text. And on that note, remember: They don't need another child to rear , so behave like an adult.

That means accepting that your S. O's ex is going to be in the picture. They share kids, after all. If you can't deal with that, it's simply not going to work out. Thinking about taking a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip? Sorry, but single parents aren't the fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants type. They need some notice. Also, once you do make plans with them, don't back out. They went through hell trying to track down a babysitter.

Understand that your S. The key is to take things slooooow. Single and divorced parents aren't there to give you a ready-made family. Basically she's all about her appearance. He's overweight and scruffy. He wore sweatpants to Christmas dinner, and he ate so much he fell asleep at the table. I'm pretty sure he owns only 1 polo shirt, which is his idea of dressed up. However, the worst part is he's 6 years older than her and already has 2 children by 2 different mothers. Both of whom look very similar to my sister. I really don't know what she sees in him but I hope she breaks it off soon.

My first bf had some equine ancestry I think. He was hung like one and turned out to be kind of a jackass. I worked with a Marine like that. He was as ugly as a mule's ass, but he was hung like a goddamn horse. I never saw it first hand. I believe everyone in the barracks saw it, though.

I'm so qualified they won't hire me for fear that I'll take a better job when it arises. I hear it's a great place for friendly constructive criticism. Or what kind of a six and a half? Because normal average isn't the same as "Last call and I just give up on anything better" average. You'll have to show us. Your comment confuses me. Is it typical for 6. Is that normal average behavior or the last call average? Trying to find some mitigating factor as to why he could never find someone. My son is 15 and recently had his first girlfriend.

A couple of months ago, I was driving them home from school and asking about their day. The girlfriend started explaining that they were learning about the holocaust in their WWII unit when this exchange took place:. The holocaust was horrible!

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It should have never happened to the Jews; it should have happened to the Muslims instead. After dropping her off, I had a talk with my son about how the opinions of others should not influence our own. Two days later he broke up with her Because she wanted him to go vegan like her. He loves bacon too much to ever give it up.

6 tips for talking to your kids when you're a single parent dating

I was very proud of him. Says a lot about the teenage mind in search of identity. My best friend when I was fourteen literally went from communist to Nazi in the space of a month. He was a glam rocker on top of that as well. My wife's cousin did a like that when he was a teenager.

He a white guy went from being super racist, even going so far as to have a swastika tattooed on himself, to acting like a gangster, having mostly black friends, trying to rap, claiming he was from the streets, and all that nonsense.

6 tips for talking to your kids when you're a single parent dating

My wife wants to out him on Facebook every time she sees one of his retarded posts about being from Camden, NJ, even though he moved out his family moved when he was 3. Early high school, I met a girl at my church youth group. We made eyes at each other and eventually developed some feelings for each other. When we would try to spend some time together outside of youth group, however, her mom would have a fit and do whatever she could to keep us apart. Her mother's main reason to keep us apart was that I was a year older. I believed that at first, so I did my best to convince her that I was responsible and worthy to date her daughter.

The girl was grounded from everything and forbidden to go to the same church just so she wouldn't see me. I thought maybe she just despised the idea of her daughter dating anybody until I heard her mom tried to set her up with one of the girl's guy-friends for a school dance. For whatever reason she was determined to not let ME date her daughter. We found out later that her mom was probably just a controlling psycho-bitch. A couple years and countless secret exchanges and meetings later, she was finally turning By then, our relationship was very healthy and fairly serious.

As soon as she was legally able, she moved out of her mother's house to gain independence and to allow us to be together. We spent as much time together as possible given that I was in college in a different city. Everything was great for a while until she got into some rough stuff with her new-found freedom. She got really deep into the party scene and did a whole myriad of drugs. I still held on, though, until she cheated on me a couple months ago.

You may say to yourself, "Drugs? As a teenager myself, this is definitely something I've learned and intend to keep in mind for my children. The harder you cling, the more they try to break away. The more you press something upon them, the harder they rebel. Oh, and trying to "preserve their innocence" produces year-old monsters.

Wife and I got married at college. We were married for two years before her family knew family is in Singapore, and the parents speak no English. I'm absolutely sure that when I stepped off the plane, my in laws wanted me to disappear forever. They treated me politely but were initially very cold. Now, the family loves me. Hell, my sister in law had me MC her very large chinese wedding. Are you a white guy?

Because most Singaporeans, especially Chinese families like to worship whites because they think they will get good looking offsprings or something. It would have been a totally different outcome if you were of a different ethnicity altogether. Yup, I am a white guy, and you are definitely correct about another color being a huge issue. If i had been black, it would have ended very poorly. That being said, she had a grandmother who had never forgiven the brits for abandoning Singapore to the Japanese occupation.

She lumped all caucasians with the Brits unfortunately. You could mention that you bailed on them more than years ago. Then you can laugh together about those British dicks. Argentina will try to join in but you can ignore it. The problem here in Singapore is that a good majority of the white people here are expatriates, that's why they moved here in the first place. So the idea people get of white people is pretty positive because almost every white person here is successful and roughly attractive.

We almost never see the useless, shitty good for nothings that won't or can't migrate. In 20 years I've only ever seen ONE white guy working as a blue collared laborer. Everyone else seems to live in expensive expat apartments, and can afford to go out and throw money around every other week.

I have a friend who grew up in Mexico, and spoke Spanish and had a latino name and so I assumed he was Mexican as he had the complexion. A few years later, he tells me he is moving to Israel. Turns out his parents are an Israeli-Palestinian couple who moved to Mexico after getting married I allowed my daughter to date the questionable young man.

In the living room. Under my direct supervision. I figured that if I had forbidden it, she might resort to sneaking and lying. Turns out I was just judging a book by its cover because he was actually a nice young man. If you're a girl, you should bring me home. Im also female, white, and atheist with a twist of jew. Not a parent, but I have been on the receiving end of this. Basically was dating a guy, we were incredibly happy, but when his parents found out that we were dating they told him that they didn't want him dating who anyone who was Non-Greek I am Asian.

He didn't listen to them because it wasn't an outcome he wanted, but after a while it became difficult because instead of dealing with the problem e. He was very close to his family, as I understand a lot of people with Greek heritage are. We broke up 2 weeks ago because his parents consistently told him he couldn't date someone outside of his culture.

We still care for each other, but he told me 'his hands are more tied than I realise' when it comes to who he can date. I told him his choice to allow someone decide for him who he can and cannot see is a decision in itself. I'm a parent, but he's only 7. When his mother and I were together though, her parents hated my guts. I was 19 and she was I worked full time at a hotel, but since I was a teenager going on young adult, I didn't care much for it.

I still lived with my mom, so I didn't worry too much besides having money to go out and paying my phone bill. I would call out a lot and I eventually go fired. I was in some bad ways, nothing like drugs, but I was just lazy and would rather hang with my girlfriend, bone, get drunk and such. Funny thing was, I was really overweight, and she was a perfect 10, great ass, small waist, gorgeous face, the whole package. I guess that was another reason why they didn't want me around her. Anyways, I understood why they didn't want me around her, but she defended me and we kept together despite what her whole family said.

She got pregnant, and that's when I went and changed myself. I tried looking for jobs, but I couldn't find anything. The baby came and I still couldn't get a decent job. Her family finally convinced her to leave me and she did. Those were some real bad times. I had a shitty job, would take the bus every morning at am, gained more weight, etc. She ended up marrying some other guy. Even worse times for me. But after about 2 years in total despair, I got my shit together.

I started working out, losing weight, getting buff. I landed an awesome job that payed me more than I ever made I'm still there. Built my credit, bought a car, got my own place, etc. I would go pick my son up from her house or her family's house and they would see how much better I was doing and that's when they changed their tone with me. They started telling me to get back together with her, they would tell me her marriage was in toruble, that she had deep financial troubles. I would just laugh and say, "now you want me to be with her after all the shit you told me?

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Idk, haven't told many people that story, thought you would enjoy it. I guess you can say some people you think are wrong for your child end up being better than you could have ever imagined. As far as I understand it, based on your few lines of text, her family doesn't seem to be that wrong.

You propably don't want to hear anything like that but let me explain. You had neither the right financial nor mental situation to care for a child and his mother and it sounds like you weren't motivated enough to change that at the time. The important question isn't wether they were correct or not at the time but wether you would have been able to make the same change to your lifestile.

To me it sounds like the risk would have been high of you falling back into your old habits of being lazy and not caring about much, being happy as long as you were still a family. Somtimes we have to go through rough times to improve ourselfes and to get the focus back to what is important. Dont think of the way you are now as a revenge towards her and her family but as an achievement for you and your son. Try to find it in your heart to forgive them one day and maybe you will be able to build some sort of friendly relationship with her, she is the mother of your son afterall.

Not a parent here, but I forbid my female friends to date my prick co-worker. He brags about cheating on girls and I know he'll treat them like an object. He's even gone so far as to talk shit about another girl's boyfriend just to try and get them to break up. As a girl with many male friends, I really appreciate you. I absolutely listen to my guy friends when they say "I love the guy, but you don't want to date him. Wait people actually listen when guys say that? From what i've seen a guy says that and the normal response is "Fuck you i do what i want with my life" Then it ends shiftily and they wonder why.

I can spot a douchebag from a mile away, and I want none of that. So when a guy friend warns me about a stealth-douche, I listen. If you excuse me i have to speak with one or two friends now. And regret not trying this circa last year. When I met my kid's new girlfriend at his brother's football game. She was wearing a halter top and short shorts that showed butt cheeks, everyone else was wearing jackets because it was chilly.

He was 17, she was Then I found out she was a stripper. It was "Oh, hell, no! He told me he was relieved because she was scary in bed and didn't understand why she wanted to do certain things. So there's kind of a funny joke between me and my best friend. She has a 2-year-old son that she jokes is "gay as hell". He loves playing with mommy's makeup and he once made out with his own reflection in a department store full body mirror while her, her son and I went to get a button up shirt.

She flat out said "Zwiebelsaft, when my son is of age in 16 years, if he is gay after all, you are not to date him. God forbid when I'm I didn't read your name at first and assumed Zweibelsaft was some weird German expression relating to the gays. My sister's then current boyfriend once tried to show his dick to me in a pool locker room. I didn't like him so much later. My younger sister dated this one boy for years, and it was not uncommon for him to say flirty things to me when he and I were alone.

The night of her sweet sixteen, he comes up behind me, and kisses me on the neck. I told her asap. This was eight years ago, and she still maintains that I simply lied out of jealousy to get them to break up. I'm ten years older than the two of them, btw. I dated a punk girl long ago whose Dad was a Vietnam vet and big time patriot he's a great guy, not being sarcastic. She thought it'd be a good idea for he and I to have some time together while she got ready because she figured he'd really like me and allow us to stay out later after meeting me. He was watching a war movie, so I joined him on the couch and asked questions about what was going on.

He was thrilled to explain and things seemed to be going well I made a comment that I thought was clever at the time it wasn't. Of course, I meant he should piss on the guy that's on fire It wasn't a good or clever observation, I know, I was nervous. But, her dad, knowing we were into punk and anti-war, took it to mean that I thought soldiers should be pissed on for participating in war. He pulled me outside and said that if I was an adult or he was drunker, he'd have already knocked my lights out. But because he can't assault a minor, I had 10 seconds to get off his property.

All I could muster was "No.. No, I support the troops. I support the troops! She straightened it out later and he turned out to be a really awesome guy, and I totally saw where he was coming from, although I don't approve of the assumptions. Not her parent, but older sister 23 to a younger girl 16 at the time. A little back story on this man is while we were in high school him and I "talked" nothing went on, just talked for a little while and I decided then he was a scumbag; to make matters worse, my sister and I look almost identical.

She comes over one day and is upset because he told her something along the lines of "your sister is so hot, I should have tried harder to fuck her when I had the chance". Not to mention this guy is a high school drop out who does drugs all day and has worked the same entry level position at McDonald's for literally ten years not hating on the restaurant industry as I'm part of it myself, but come on, after ten years you haven't moved up at all? Flash forward two weeks and they are officially dating my sister has low self esteem, thinks she's way more mature than she is, and has struggled with living in my shadow in the past so I'm pissed that she's dating this douche bag, but in all honesty, not terribly surprised.

I immediately go to my mom, because short of calling the cops, there isn't much I can do to stop them. My mom does absolutely nothing. Forbids her from dating him, but takes no actual steps to stop her.

The Single Parent's Guide to Dating

They dated for about months or so and he because increasingly controlling and abusive only mentally to my knowledge, although I know at one point he did shove her. This guy is absolutely crazy, texting her while she's at work saying things like "you should have been off by now, I know you're out fucking other guys" just really off-the-wall insane accusations. Eventually she finds another guy she likes and breaks up with him and everything worked out, but for a while there she refused to talk to me because I was the only one doing anything to stop the relationship which sucked because, despite the age difference, we've always been very close.

She's on mirena so thank god I wasn't worried she'd get pregnant or anything, and not much harm done in the long run. My next step was to go to the authorities but she turned 17 shortly in to the relationship which is the age of consent in my state. No one tried to stop it but me. She eventually got tired of it and left but shit was scary for a while. I had a "destructive" friend. She was the kind of person who was always loud and making inappropriate comments in public. She was rude and loved to make scenes. The woman would blankly describe herself as "ghetto fabulous". And of course because of all her terrible decisions in life, she would blame everyone else for the reason she still worked in fast food and couldn't keep a relationship.

Anyway, said friend had a son with an under age boy that of course booked it. She was a single mom and a terrible one. Leaving her infant in her car, not feeding him so she could feed her fat ass, hitting him for just being a baby. Well a couple of years later I have a girl and of course as she's visiting me in the hospital, her two year old is running around, slapped her, called her a b-tch, just being a troll of a child.

As he's screaming his head off and she's ignoring him, she looks at my child and says that we were gonna be related soon because our kids would marry young. I don't fucking think so. After 8 years of her destructive tendencies, it was actually that one comment that finally had me remove her from my life. My dad made my brother stop seeing his girlfriend because her house got shot up and her car blown up. She was a super sweet girl with a really nice family.

We never found out if they were attacked randomly, or if they were somehow gang affiliated, or if they were attacked because they were a mixed family. There can be a lot of anger towards mixed families where the father is white and the mother is black around here. Dad was afraid my brother would be caught up in whatever happened.

Are you your child's friend or parent? Why the role is both

I found out some courtiers son had seduced my noble daughter. I spent generations breeding geniuses with strong and attractive people, modifying my religion culture and succession laws to make her my heir. This inbred, slow, stuttering sod was a Karling. Btw I'm sorry to hear your eugenics program ran into some difficulty.

I've been there, trust me. It's difficult to get a female to inheret. Wholesale murder is one way, carefully making yourself Basque or a less female-unfriendly religion is another. That ends the joke kind of abruptly. Try to leave time for other people to keep it going with a straight face. I was the kid they didn't let her date. She was rich, I was poor, I was depressed, she was happy, she never smoked a cigarette, I became a heroin addict, and you know the rest of the god damn story. Yeah I get it, they made the right decision.

The funny thing is, people make mistakes, and it wasn't their decision to make. We've all been there at one time or another. They sit at a dinner table in comfortable silence. Him, prepping his evening heroin. The demon, in a polo and khakis, staring at a phone bill through a pair of reading glasses and wondering who they talked to in Albany last week for twenty-five minutes. You made a lot of money in the heroin trade. At least for one summer.

You found another girl. She was thinking of going to art school. But then the supply got tight. No shipments were coming in. You tried to pick up some stuff when a shipment arrived, but there was a riot at the loading docks. But your girl new a guy who was holding. It's just that he wanted her to do But you needed to score. And then you must have had a dirty needle or something, because your arm You and your partner decided to drive down south, pick up a shipment there, and then come back.

But the cops busted you. Your partner was in prison They had to cut off your arm. People should be free to make their own mistakes, but would I do my best to encourage my daughter not to date a depressed drug addict? Around grade 10 is when I started to go through my "It's not just a phase" phase and got into the more, lets just say alternative look.

With my look changing so did the group of friends I had and majority of the friends I had were rough around the edges, three years older than me metal head males. I remember this one guy in particular, I'd like to call him peanut because he was a big goofy idiot who I met at a metal show with a big group of friends.

Peanut was the poster boy for metal dudes, Tattoo's up and down both arms, gauges, the whole package to bring home to mom! Well after a night of moshing and drinking and my friends swooning over this guy, I decided I was going to date Peanut. Fast forward about a week after this show and I decide to invite my scrap metal over to watch a movie. Cue my mother opening the door to a six foot tattooed dirty man coming to "watch" a movie with her poor little 17 year old daughter.

The fright in her eyes was real. We went to the basement and started the movie and my mom promptly made sure she had laundry to do. We watched the movie, talked a bunch and he headed home. Little did my mom know she didn't have to worry at all because well, I'm a lesbian.

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  6. My mom would only learn this thanksgiving of my graduating year. Peanut and I broke up and I told him the truth as to why it wasn't working and he wasn't entirely happy about the situation but he was very understanding and we're actually still friends today. I stopped dating men to fit in and became more comfortable with who I really am.

    Parents of Reddit, what was your, "NO WAY is this person dating my child" moment? : AskReddit

    One last thing i'd like to share is the reaction of my mom when I told her I was a lesbian. Picture how PTSD is depicted in movies, now apply my moms wide eyed stare while she's driving as the memories of all the sleepovers I had during high school flashed before her eyes in a quick almost movie like montage to the realization that it was never Peanut she had to worry about all along.

    Speaking for my mother-in-law I'm getting married in September and so far only a few family members have threatened to boycott the wedding. My son is almost A few months ago when he still lived with me he had some girl come over for dinner. I asked her to walk across the street to the store with me. It's about A5 minute walk. As we were walking I started asking her about herself. She just came out and told me that she had just got out of rehab because her last boyfriend got her hooked on heroin I asked what she meant and she told me that she threw her boyfriend's mother through the window because she thought she was breaking in the house when she was actually bringing groceries for them.

    Said she was sleeping when the mother came in so she didnt know.

    dating your childs friends parent Dating your childs friends parent
    dating your childs friends parent Dating your childs friends parent
    dating your childs friends parent Dating your childs friends parent
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