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The Survival Guide for Dating a Pilot

If the government pays for it, you will have to agree to stay two years instead of one. If you pay for their travel, one year is it. I paid to bring my wife over during my first Korea tour so overall it was a very positive experience. Deployments are by far the downside of the military. Being away and missing birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries are part of the job. It never gets easy; you just learn to deal with it.

Each airframe has a particular mission. It has an array of weapons from Hellfire missiles to a 30mm chain gun. Although it looks cumbersome, this is actually the fastest helicopter in the Army.

The Blackhawk has the most versatile mission. The Chinook and Blackhawk also perform Special Operations missions. Until you are assigned a specialized job, you will hold one or more additional duties. These jobs are what make or break you during your early years.

Yes, your primary job is to fly, but all your peers fly, so the best way to set yourself apart is to excel in your additional duty. Like any civilian job, attitude is everything. All tracks require further training at Fort Rucker. Instructor Pilots can be assigned to Fort Rucker to teach basic skills, or to any unit training and evaluating mission tasks specific to that unit. They also run the flight simulators for their respective aircraft. They may then conduct annual instrument evaluations Aviation Safety Officers are assigned to units to oversee the Safety Program.

Safety is primary in everything the Army does.


Safety Officers identify risk and help mitigate that risk to the lowest level possible. They also conduct accident investigations. Army aircraft are maintained to high standards and MTPs are an integral part of the program. They train and evaluate MTPs in maintenance tasks and maneuvers. Tactical Operations Officers plans, schedules, assigns, coordinates, and briefs missions, and develops and manages the flying hour. Once a year a board is held to select applicants for the Fixed Wing Course.

This is highly competitive. Many pilots just want a break from flying helicopters, and some are seeking a dual rating for jobs outside the military. If you are selected, it is not a guarantee that you will fly fixed wing the rest of your career. I have the honor of flying with crew chiefs and medics who are dedicated to their job.

Trial Lesson (2 passengers)

They work many hours maintaining the aircraft long after I walk away from it, and are dedicated to personal sacrifice in order to save others on the battlefield. An Army recruiter can answer any questions you may have concerning flying for the Army.


There are also several web sites that provide information, such as www. The caption should rea Thanks for spending the time to di Piasecki "Your blog provides us a very great information.


Its really very helpful to I am a venezuelan helicopter pilot with hrs of flight time. Sky King himself did Our best instrument is outside the cockpit; namely the natural horizon! Do not try to correct about it! Make as small steering results as possible. Rest with your right arm on your leg so that your hand remains as stable as possible. While hovering, keep looking into the distance, tell your eyes whether you are stationary or not because of your peripheral vision.

Enjoy the helicopter flight so also look out a lot! During the helicopter class there can be 2 passengers 1 passenger behind the steering and 1 passenger on the middle bench and you are in the air for about 30 minutes! How does the ticket work?


You book your ticket online. After you have paid you will receive a payment confirmation with the date and time you selected! This post is also available in: Your email address will not be published. Shop You are here: Trial Lesson 2 passengers From: Would you like to give this helicopter flight? Order a personal voucher! Choose a date above to see available times. Description Reviews 0 Description Fly a helicopter yourself? Always wondered what it is like to drive a helicopter yourself?

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