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Jesus explicitly told his disciples to pay their taxes Mark The guy approaches the girl and asks if she wants to get coffee. In that case, you could lose your salvation and this might not be a good long-term investment.

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You need to know your facts before you commit. So you start talking music. All Sons and Daughters.

Aligning you with Christ. Connecting you with culture.

So far, so good. But then…somehow it comes out…you listen to secular music. Not just Pop music either, but the unfathomable—90s grunge. Temple of the Dog. And suddenly your spiritual maturity is under question.

Don’t Waste Your College Years: 20 Tips for the Christian College Student

Jesus loves Kurt Cobain too, okay? So finding love as a Christian can be a struggle sometimes. You probably wonder why God made romantic relationships so stinking hard if he wanted us to have them.

Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

The 5 Things A Christian College Student Should Never Do (Part 1)

I say this for two reasons: Post-college lives are busy too, and students need to learn to use their time wisely. Going to a campus ministry or attending a Christian school can be great for your faith, but they are not enough see Hebrews The gospel of Jesus is bigger than you and your friends who are just like you—it encompasses people of all ages, ethnicities, languages, and nations.

The church—not a campus ministry—is home base for the Christian. Escape the artificial bubble you live in and enter the real world by getting to know people in your church. You might be surprised how your appreciation of Christ deepens as you see faithful believers enduring hardship, serving others with their gifts, and shining the light of Christ in the world.

5 Ultimate Struggles Of Modern Dating (For Christians) | Thought Catalog

The Gospel Coalition Church Directory. Each day our culture seems to grow more opposed to Christianity. That means the imperative to be prepared to make a defense of the hope you have 1 Peter 3: Contrary to what I always used to say, classes do not get in the way of your college experience— they are the purpose of it! Get off of social media in class and do your reading. Be serious about your studies and future career prospects. Ask those older than you for recommended professors and classes to avoid duds. Get good grades, make memories, live wisely in all you do.

Life goes on after college and it is better for many.

Educate yourself what majors have good career prospects after graduation. Ask professors what most people do after graduating. Seek internships early in your college experience to give you real-world experience in your field to ensure you like your major. It will help with future career prospects. Reduce your costs by getting creative: I had at least seven on-campus jobs in college: I worked in the call center, served as an RA, worked in the dining commons, and even made decent money as the dorm garbage man.

Tame your spending on extra things like trips, entertainment, eating out, parties, etc. For some, the smartest move might be skipping college and entering a trade.

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This not only reduces debt, but you might make more money in the end with some experience under your belt. Beating the College Debt Trap: Getting a Degree without Going Broke or watch lecture. Let every person and situation in your life be an opportunity to learn and grow.

If you only hang out with those your same age, you will be caught in an echo chamber of unexperienced voices. Seek godly mentors who are older than you and have real-world experience. Related to this point is learning how to distinguish wise advice from foolish advice. Seek the type of friends who would give you wise advice. A university education used to be about wrestling with ideas and critical thinking.

For many today, it is just a few expensive boxes to check off in pursuit of a better career or a place of secular indoctrination. Learn to think like an adult, separating truth from emotion. Develop a Christian worldview by testing everything against Scripture. Go deep on a few subjects that interest you. The college years present some opportunities you will likely never have again.

This costume seriously freaked kids out. I also decided to study abroad with the logic that everyone I knew who studied abroad said it was amazing. My four months in Ecuador taught me Spanish, showed me a different part of the world and helped me fall in love with Latin America. The Lord now has me returning to Ecuador every six months for missions work!

Let me make something perfectly clear: And if you do find your soul mate in college, great! Read a book like The Meaning of Marriage: What we fill our minds with shapes us.

christian college dating advice Christian college dating advice
christian college dating advice Christian college dating advice
christian college dating advice Christian college dating advice
christian college dating advice Christian college dating advice
christian college dating advice Christian college dating advice

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