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Beautiful Pelham Pkwy da Bronx. Originally Posted by katreese. Nala8, Since you feel happier and more yourself in Madison, then I would say it is definitely the place for you!

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  • I had the opposite experience of many of these posters, however. I moved to Madison when I was One of my problems was that there was never enough culture in and around Madison. The other was that, after all my efforts, I left the area with maybe 4 lasting friendships - two of whom were there temporarily and have since left the state.

    Now, a year later, back on the east coast, I already have more friends, with no effort, than I did in 12 years in Madison. For a while there I thought my problems were a function of being an adult, but that's clearly not the case. The bottom line, however, may be that I have always felt more myself, and happier, on the east coast even though I haven't lived here in over 20 years!

    So strange, isn't it?!

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! I still have a lot to learn but in no rush to get scammed again. I love the forum guys its a great initiative! Seems like something inside dies so he don't even want to get up again. About the dating game, I recommend against it. The game is rigged to make you a walking cash dispensing machine. If you hired a high dollar escort, you would pay about the same and get laid the first go round. I do neither these days. Ha ha no fish I know this man personally. I thought it was appropriate! Welcome to the forums, keep the cat avatar do what you want that is the great thing about this website.

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    As for dating on websites forget about it you are only asking for trouble as most of them are either mentally ill or single mothers looking for a beta bank to fund their children and lifestyle. A few convenient shortcodes for creating graphic symbols in your posts.

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    Confessions of a midlife Tinder user

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      midlife dating forum Midlife dating forum
      midlife dating forum Midlife dating forum
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