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Icylight View Profile View Posts. The matchmaking adjusts to the people who are currently in queue. It tries to find the best match for you. Yes, at some times, the queues are ridiculously long, but that's because they are in maintenance. Other times, it's a time of day where not many people are searching.


On another note, you can change your audio settings in the menu to play game noises while on desktop. This game barely caps at 40k people. LoL caps at 3,, people.

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YES i had it turned off, dunno why it was like that by default one would expect that this should be turned on by default, if you need to do something important with sound, you wouldnt be playing CS , i didnt touch the settings except video, THANK YOU, my main problem solved I dont expect it to find the game as fast as LoL, but i expect it not to lie to me it will find the game in 1 min if its 5 min average my fault i didnt looked in the settings for it, i didnt expect smth like this to be adjustable, i would say it will be ON always like every other game, at least when the game wants you to accept something.

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Anyone got any suggestions? Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I'm pretty tilt now Buy 2nd screen or watch on mobile or better yet, watch it later since you are about to play a match and what is minutes of your time watching it going to really do. It just wastes your time and others by not acccepting. Yes, I liked how before everything else was muted but the queue sound had priority.

Rocket League actually does have audio in the background too.

Cs Go Matchmaking Ready Sound

But for some reason, the past like 10 updates have made it where if you are paused in Free Play, you don't hear the joining sound. I think the option is still there, but I never had it enabled, but was still able to hear the queue when alt tabbed. That's the only sound I really want. Oh really that's annoying to you? What about those 9 other people who did accept? That's 2 or 3 minutes of their time. Times 5, that's almost a total of 2 and a half hours you wasted of someone else's time because you lack the attention to sit still for 2 minutes.

Then there's people AFK for the knife round, then during the game people start buying after the round has started because apparently they have something more important to do for 20 seconds every 2 minutes, so you need to ask them for a drop ten times and then they respond like they've just got out of a winter slumber and are still figuring out where they are exactly. Never mind the missed calls.

If you don't want to play, go do something else, otherwise do what you signed up for instead of trying to satiate every impulse. I don't think you're in a position to play the victim card when you decide to tab out and happily annoy the people you play with so casually. I think I was pretty clear about where it was coming from. I don't mind that it happens, I do mind that you can't play a game without it happening. Now that I don't have your permission to alt-tab while a match is trying to be found, the problem has been solved! Just don't act like you're the victim when you decided to leave the game.

I agree that the sound should be there, but there's no one else to blame but yourself for missing the start. I think you're missing the point. I am not leaving the game once it starts; I am tabbing out when the queue takes longer than a minute or two. For the past 5 years I have been able to do this and then when a game is found, I am alerted and can easily accept the match. It's hard to change a behavior when I have been successful with something for 5 years now.

I'm not missing the point, you're leaving the game in the broad sense of the word. I just don't think you're in a position to complain when that happens multiple times after you've figured out what the issue is. Dude who the fuck are you? Not in a position to complain? I'm complaining so they'll fix the problem. It happened to you 5 times, after the first time, you could've paid some attention instead of repeating it 4 more times and then acting like it somehow was brought upon you.


Once it happened in between games and cost me like 3 rounds until I restarted it. Since when do you have this issue? I re-started playing csgo like few days ago with this problem. Yeah I had this since past friday. I think there was some sort of update that happened that might've caused this. I find pressing windows key, and then selecting the game from the task bar, rather than tabbing back in fixes this.

This needs to be higher.

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I've done this fix and had all my teammates run it, and can confirm that the accept sound is back for everyone while tabbed out. Also there's a bug that sometimes when you alt tab and tab back in, you lose sound, so you need to alt tab again to get it back.. Never used to have to have that enabled to hear the accept sound while tabbed out.

I mean, then he would have to change the option everytime he went into the lobby. The music on the home screen is very annoying when doing other things and maybe he doesn't want loud gun noises when he goes and does something else in the middle of a game. Now, of course, turning off an option once everytime to get to a new "screen" isn't much, but after a while you just have to ask, why couldn't there be an easier way like adding the match sound back.

No, but there are in the middle of a game.

Cs go matchmaking ready sound

What I'm saying is, he shouldn't have to turn the option on when he's on the home screen, turn it back off while waiting in queue to here the "Match Available" sound, and then BACK on in the game so if he tabs out when he's dead or something he doesn't need to hear the loudass gun noises. Thats what I do. If you alt-tab during a round you would still be hearing everything that goes on in the game, so it's not the same thing.

I heard the "accept" sound cue without that option enabled, always. Recently after the update I have noticed I no longer get that sound and have to enable the "play audio when game in background" option. I hope this gets put back in. I don't know what idiot at Valve thought "Gee people might really not want to hear the match confirmation sound while minimized, or else they'd want to hear ALL sounds while minimized - better take it out just to be sure". Pls let me rejoin team property http:

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