Dating a gibson les paul deluxe

Re: Need Help Dating a Les Paul Deluxe
1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - Sunburst / GuitarPoint Maintal / Vintage Guitars

If it's a decal, the guitar is from Sadly, by just that partial serial number, the best I can find is that your Deluxe was made sometime between and If indeed the potentiometer is dateable to , that might lead us to believe that the guitar was pushed out of the factory in or , but there's no guarantee of that, depending upon how much bench stock they had laying around.

I myself owned a ish Gibson Les Paul Deluxe gold top, many years ago.

Dating My Early 70's Les Paul Deluxe

I miss that guitar!! Late 60's style logo. All these attributes fit an early-mid Deluxe. By late , three of the above characteristics had changed.


Pot code 10thth week of The byer try to tell me it is a late 72 What are the 3 characteristics that changes? You simply need two pieces of evidence to prove the build date: Pot codes - The guitar could not have been built before the 10th week of Other details that were changing in the early 70's were the headstock logo. It went from the one shown in your photo, then to one that included the "i" dot and closed "b" and "o", and then without the "i" dot with closed "b" and "o".

The earliest "volutes" were smaller, and it's size and definition gradually increased through the mid's. The information above has been "published" in numerous books and guides. Here is the volute juste make sure:. That's the smallest "volute" I've ever seen. What is the thing??? Do they sell for that money? No, they do not go for much cheaper, either! Unfortunately, that doesn't makes any difference. These instruments were made in huge quantities, and the Deluxe was the entry-level Les Paul back then.

Just like a Studio today. Mine is a I bought it new in November The pot codes are from June Your serial number is before mine.

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I don't know if you can go by that because, as everyone said, Gibson was consistent with serial numbers until or was it 78? I don't know, but its very easy to remove the cover and see the pot codes. BTW Charlie, I've commented on yours before, but its a beauty. I've had the tone controls replaced, for a more gradual roll off, as opposed to "nothing" until the last 3 numbers, then "whoa!

I still have them, "just in case," I ever want to put it back "stock! The neck is the 3-piece maple version.

Dating a Firebrand "The Paul" Deluxe? | My Les Paul Forum

I bought it "used," in ' I had the back and neck refinished, as I hated the old "stock" busting, on the back The front is still "Stock! I never really cared for those "Ping-Pong Paddle" wide headstocks, that were all too common, at that time! This, of course, was years before all this "Vintage" craze, and "collector's value" stuff. I just wanted it, the way "I" wanted it. Sure, it degraded it's "collectibilty" value It also has a flatter fingerboard radius Don't know if that's "stock" for that year, or if the previous owner did it.

Help me date this Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

I don't think it was altered, though, as it sure didn't seem like it, at the time. It was only later, after playing several older, and later versions, that I realized mine was "different," that way. Anyway, that's a bit of it's "history. It's a keeper, for sure Geoff, Here is the twin of your deluxe. Mine was obsenely wide to me, anyway I still have the stock Kluson "Double-ringed," tuners, and LOL I notice, too No big deal, just "interesting. That's interesting you bring up the horn shape and the headstock shape. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but the Deluxe model and a buttload of others were made at two different factories- both Kalimazoo and Nashville.

My understanding is that the Deluxe was made from almost the beginning of the Nashville coming in, but still made in 'Kalimazzo as well at the same time. So, to me, you would think that maybe where it was made would have something to do with the 'radically' different shapes, but I have seen some models that I KNOW were Kalimazzo made with the point and big headstock, and the other way around.

If there is a way to tell where it was made looking at it, I don't know what it is. I am pretty sure the funky shape differences go all the way back to the beginning of the model, or at least some of them.


Again I can't put any rhyme or reason to it. Doesn't that make them '77?

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Mine was obscenely wide to me, anyway I only "know" what I was told, when I bought it I suppose so, but it seems unlikely, given the condition of the back and neck unless they drug it behind a car , originally So, if it IS, a '77, it was abused, early! It's so well blended, that the decal on the back of the headstock looks to have been put on, AFTER the refinish, instead of the refinish paint, and blending, to match what was under the decal. I was thrilled, and amazed, at that level of detail.

The refinish wasn't even that expensive, back then! The guy was an ex Gibson service, and repair person. So, he even used the exact paint formulas So, I don't know, Stein I guess, it "could" be a '77???

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