Swedish dating norms

1. You have to make the first move.

Dating in Sweden: Is it really as tough as they say?

If they call you, then things are looking good. Other than that, meeting people at bars, events, and parties is always a good method. The American blogger Kommissarie F. Curiosa has boiled down a standard dating timeline into a 27 step process here. There is another blogger called Antonia who has a great guide from a girls perspective here. For an alternative comic vision, check Scandinavian tips.

Dating in Sweden: The Essentials

Welcome to Everything Sweden, the community magazine all about living in Sweden as an expat, and how to move to Sweden. Everything Sweden Like the new site? This apply for both men and women.

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Gender equality is really strong in Sweden, thus there is no reason for a woman to ask a man out first. So, just enjoy the process and make sure that you always make a move. Every country has their own unique culture if dating that distinguish it one another. Sweden is no exception.

Five rules for dating in Sweden - The Local

Fika, a term in Sweden which often used when a man request a meeting with a woman and vice versa. After you have a couple times of fika, then you can move to other activities. You can go to a theme park, ice skating, barbecuing, etc. While dinner and watching movie is in the next step, never called any of it a date.


If you are going to ice skating, then say ice skating, if you are going to barbecuing say barbecuing. Most of Western culture greet with a kiss when they meet each other, say it little peck on the cheek or kissing hand. However, Swedish are not familiar with any of it. They prefer hug more, even in your first meeting. Instead of a kiss, an awkward hug is more allowed even if you just stiffly lean in toward each other and wrapped you arms around then separate again.

In a relationship between man and woman, kissing is a complicated things. You are not allowed to do that until both sides make sure to what extent their relationship is.

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  • While you are waiting for that moment, start and end your fika with hug. This also include when you are dating. While in some other country men should take the lead, making decision, and pay for the bills, it does not happen in Sweden. The price for a cup of coffee and the side dish is pretty expensive, but you have to be prepared for paying what you eat.

    A woman should never expect a man to take the bill. He sees you equal to them. He may offer to pay, buy he also may not. She really means what she say.

    Dating in Sweden

    Do not bring an empty wallet when you go on a fika, as you have to prepare to split the bill. And the article stuck on an island links is social realism. That is exactly how one does it. I am an American woman who lived in Sweden for 6 months study abroad, so a university situation and found mingling with the locals a bit confusing at first as well. Yes, you have to be much more forward than in America. This was pretty normal. Being more verbally forward too just telling a guy he was cute worked pretty well too. The thing that does not work, is standing around waiting for guys to approach you, a la USA.

    Additionally, if a guy says "do you want a drink? You are expected to buy your own. This was mind blowing to me at first why did he even ask, if he wasn't going to buy one for me??!? You'll get used to it. They were equally likely to be awkward and never speak again, or to booty call you later, as Americans. Like, someone you hooked up with probably wouldn't care much when they hear about you and someone new. Almost all Swedes I met were still good friends with their exes, though said they wouldn't want to date again, could give me all the details about their current job, troubles getting a foreign visa, etc etc.

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    • This is when I realized in America, when the topic of one's ex comes up e. If I said "Oh sorry, didn't mean to bring up the ex! However if I could give one piece of advice it would be to be about 3x more forward than you would be in the US. I studied abroad in Denmark, and obviously everything that is true for Danes isn't going to be true for Swedes, but I do think there's some cultural overlap.

      Here's what I gathered from Danish friends and at an orientation spiel for cultural dos and don'ts. My Danish friend used to start compulsively giggling at the mention of "dating" or "going on a date" because the idea was so foreign to him besides in American media. He ended up romantically involved with women by spending a lot of time with the ones he liked and I guess making a move when the time came. In Danish dance clubs, men would stand around not dancing until approached by a woman. At my study abroad orientation I was given a heads up that Danes had no conception of "date rape" and found the concept silly and laughable.

      They said basically that if you go home with a man it's assumed you're doing so because you want to sleep with him. I guess here that's considered rape culture or what have you.

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