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Then the reader is lead into part 2, the emotional progression model. Savoy steps up the basic approach and delves into the mind of the women the reader is trying to approach. Part 3 of the book let me get my get my feet back on the ground after the thought of numerous threesomes!

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Being a relative new comer to this type of training in the field of picking up women, I must say that my overall outlook has changed since reading this book. I feel that there are lots of tips and information that I can take from the book. Meeting, dating and seducing.

Learn how to assert yourself and watch the world become your oyster. Men will fear you, women will supplicate and life will be nothing but a rap video for you from now until the heat death of the universe. Human relationships are insanely complicated and defy easy explanations. There have been studies amongst college students, with the inherent problems that comes with it that status can be an influence in attraction.

The problem, however, is just how one calculates that particular value. All of these little tricks are designed with one goal in mind: But as with canned material, you quickly fall upon a singular problem: Using status games as a means of trying to attract another person betrays a very simple issue: Trying to fake your way into dating out of your league only establishes one thing: Building emotional connections is more reliable way of building attraction and status than trying to artificially inflate yourself — or to drag someone down to your level instead.

You need assertiveness, not poorly understood ideas of what masculinity means. Originally appeared at Paging Doctor NerdLove. Harris O'Malley provides geek dating advice at his blog Paging Dr. NerdLove , as well as writing the occasional guest review for Spill.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Naa, pick up is great. It gives guys confidence to approach and meet women. It also teaches guys how to react to women. I just re-read this and realize that the last paragraph is a bit ambiguous. They can no longer fake being a high-quality man; they actually have to go out and become one. My personality, style, and presentation is very sexually oriented. I am very much a sex-first, relationship-second kind of guy.

Who can you trust anymore in this crazy world? How would I ever know who she really was as a person?

Dating Short Cuts and Magic Bullets

Can makeup help get you into a relationship? But ultimately it all seems very empty, and sad, and reading about it makes me suspicious of every woman I meet. The difference is … You know if a woman is wearing makeup. PUA seems to be at a completely different level. He seems into me.

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We have a great emotional connection or so I think. We spend time together. I have sex with him. And then … Nothing. Turns out he just wanted to get into my pants. The reason the makeup analogy is used so often is because it fits. In times past, I would have agreed with you about guys knowing the makeup is there. I used to tell people all the time that I preferred girls who wore no makeup since neither of my previous girlfriends wore it much.

I even want to say that I got into a disagreement about it here on one of the GMP discussions as well. Then, just a few weeks ago I ran into this girl I know who I had seen in a while. All this PUA stuff … ugh, it makes me not want to ever date any man ever again. How would I ever know who he really was as a person? Can PUA help get you laid? But ultimately it all seems very empty, and sad, and reading about it makes me suspicious of every guy I meet. When i started PUA i had to: Fight my way out of depression Lose weight.

The rest is so called canned lines or other routine stuff.

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I became more and more successfull with women over time. Most women put a ton of effort into being attractive to men. What do you mean by not doing shit to keep you interested? I write poetry, I volunteer, I have an artistic side, I am a voracious reader, I meditate …. You know, most women I dated have a tendency to brag. So when they try to impress me that they even thinking of trying to impress me is already a fail they remember all the times that guys tried to pick them up, usually trying to brag, and try to emulate those guys. So a question to ask is: How are you presenting these traits?

Are they like treats that a guy can unpack by himself? Not my scene at all. A lot of people want sex with no atatchement.

If they are honest about this I fail to see what the problem with PUA is. Maybe if we started to acknowledge that the best manipulators out there are the ones that are the best at not getting detected and that this magical radar that women are supposed to have that means that if you as a man have trouble atracting women it is because you are somehow defective and women can sense that, that this radar does not exist.

Preselection which means other women already find you attractive is important because women are strongly influenced by knowing a man is attractive to other women. A lady helping you out will often be referred to as a pivot. Here we go again with the same myths about what pickup is.

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